The Magic of Gran Canaria: Cirque du soleil

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The Magic of Gran Canaria: Cirque du soleil

Gran Canaria has recently been chosen as permanent headquarters of Cirque Du Soleil. It is the most famous circus in the world, with constant performances and shows that are being renewed throughout the year. All means are used to impact the viewer.
Infrared cameras, lasers and other technical devices are an essential part of a creation that really would be nothing without the more than forty artists who shape it under the Great White Carp and give meaning to Robert’s reflections Lepage: “What happens to the circus that captivates us in this way? In the reduced space of time in which they are in the air or perform an acrobatic feat, circus artists become more than men and women: they are demigods and we feel transported to a mythological world. ”

Cirque Du Soleil is just 10 km from the Villas of Holiday Villas Gran Canaria and is a perfect leisure alternative to enjoy during your stay on the Island.

We share a promotional video of Cirque du Soleil himself. And this show is only available in Gran Canaria!